Our Mission,

Offering all in one solution to enrich individuals lives and make them happier.

Why Did we start NexdUp?

NexdUp, The preventive Care Solution

We at NexdUp, believe that we can have a healthier society if we can practice the methods that are extracted from science of Positive Psychology. 

Our Values

Happiness First

Making people happy, makes us Happy, and we should be happy so we could make others happy.

Data Driven Decisions

Gut feelings do not have any place in our work environment and we make our decisions based on facts and science backed data.

Be Good.

Not being evil is not enough, this is a company that will grow based on people’s trust and never deifying them. We want to be alongside our users to feel them better and develop solutions based on their needs.

our team


Mehran Java

Founder & CEO

He was only 4 years old that he realized that the key to people’s heart is to be funny and make people happy and when he saw people are laughing at his random jokes, he becomes the happiest. His background is in engineering and for the past few years he is constantly learning about happiness. When the pandemic hit in 2020, he believed he could mix his background in tech and positive psychology and developed NexdUp and set his life’s goal to make the world a happier place.


Montgomery Ostrander

Vice President of Sales

Monty has lived in major cities around the world, always seeking innovative techniques to experience joy and fulfillment. He earned his MBA in Nice, France and studied clinical psychology at both Pepperdine and University of Southern California. He operated dementia care homes in San Diego, makes authentic Margherita pizzas, follows the LA Lakers and is a volunteer bereavement counselor at several hospices in the San Diego area. 

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