why employee happiness matters?

Because unhappy employees can cost companies millions of dollars in lack of productivity, High medical bills or even higher turnover which has lead to “the great resignation”. 

How NexdUp can help?

NexdUp is an investment in the mood of your staff and the culture of your organization which improves engagement and ultimately your profitability. The service is designed to grow your bottom line by reducing health care costs, driving down turnover, and preventing accidents, sick days, and adverse events. NexdUp is your partner in care for your employees.

Preventive is always better than Curative!

What makes NexdUp Different?

1.NexdUp vs Therapy Providers

There might be some care providers who offer therapies or mental health support for employees, but as mentioned above, they fall under Curative Care, however NexdUp offers Preventive Care.

2.NexdUp vs Self Strength Apps

Helpful tips are always good but user reviews have taught us that these great tips can be forgotten after a period of time and in most cases, the user goes back to square one.

3.NexdUp vs Meditation Apps

Meditation and Mindfulness are good too, but they are not everything. Recent findings in science of well being have taught us that personal happiness is related to many factors and all of them need enough attention in order to be a happy person.

Our impact on your business

Well-being, positive mental attitudes and great moods go hand in hand with productivity and performance. When you unleash personal happiness, you receive the benefit of professional potential.

increase employee morale

With the ongoing social distancing protocols and changing landscape of staff work environments, we present innovations to adapt and boost morale, productivity and job satisfaction during uncertain times. Staffs with less anxiety have more capacity to produce.

a value added offering

Organizations attract the brightest stars with their missions, products, culture and compensations. Benefits are a major factor in employee’s choosing to join your organization. NexdUp is the cornerstone of your benefits package, designed to promote true happiness within your ranks

retain key staff

The current era of high turnover, remote work, changes in management and work styles presents a risk to your organization. The best way to keep your top producers is to ensure their sense of wellbeing, satisfaction and joy. NexdUp is a great service for corporate HR departments to retain key staff.

Healthy work enviroment

Mental health means more than simply not having problems. New developments in neuroscience and psychology research suggest there are ways to increase mental health from a wellness and preventive perspective, rather than simply treating issues. Together, we can create healthy, positive work spaces to maximize the potential of all staff.

How it works?

NexdUp uses technology and positive psychology methods to empower employees to meet their happiness goals, develop a sense of wonder and enthusiasm to become the best version of themselves.

Why you should sign up now?

Many news sites and health reports are tracking what has become “The Great Resignation” where “according to a recent report by the jobs site, Monster.com, a whopping 95% of workers are now considering changing jobs, and 92% are even willing to switch industries to find the right position. The Bureau of Labor said in April, 2.7% of workers quit their jobs. That’s over 4 million people, the highest in the history of the bureau’s tracking of quit rates.”

Clinical studies have shown that a major externality of the COVID-19 pandemic is episodes of depression. More than 2 in 5 adults (42%) reported symptoms of either an anxiety or depressive disorder during a period in December (December 9-21, 2020), increasing from 36% in August (August 19-31, 2020). During the same 2 periods, self-reported symptoms of an anxiety disorder increased from approximately 31% to 37%, and self-reported symptoms of a depressive disorder increased from approximately 25% to 30%.

So Act before it's too late!​

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